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Art Car Stipend Request

We do have a stipend budget this year (2022), please complete your application for the parade before filling out the stipend request form!


DEADLINE for Stipend Requests is JULY 1, 2022!!!



Deadline July 1st

Notification by July 15


If you have questions contact Amanda Palmer at 719-859-0292 or


We are a small town with a population of about 9,000 friendly souls who are still fired up about the wonders of ArtoCade. Excitement and awareness is growing exponentially. The last two parades have had 80+ artful vehicles. As the word is spreading, more art cars from near and far are becoming part of the big ArtoCade fun.


In addition to stipends, we will once again seek to offer free accommodations for up to two nights. So, for those of you that qualify... apply ASAP!


Some of you will choose to participate without any financial assistance and for that we are very grateful. Others will simply not be able to attend without a mileage stipend. This form will help us identify possible participants and set goals accordingly.


Qualifications for Stipends:

  1. Own an “Artcar” or driveable kooky conveyance that has been “altered significantly to have been transformed into a piece of art.”

  2. Live at least 250 miles from Trinidad, CO.
    Note: some exceptions are made for closer vehicles with extraordinary transportation challenges.

  3. Agree to participate in the ARTOCADE parade and related activities.

  4. Possess a creative and fun spirit.


We will do our best to offer stipends to all traveling cartists. There will be limitations as we believe many more applications will be coming in for this yearʼs festival.

Apply ASAP to increase your chances. 

Some of you will prefer arranging your own accommodations. There are a number of excellent hotels, motels, and B&Bs in the greater Trinidad area.


Registration Checklist

  1. Complete Registration form and send online.

  2. Include entry fee via Paypal or check mailed

  3. Send email with JPG images of your vehicle (not necessary if you have attended previous events)

  4. Read “ArtoCade Ideals” and initial the related line in the registration form.

  5. Complete the "Stipend Application" if you come from over 250 miles (or special requests)

  6. Promise to have fun and play well with others.

  7. Think that Ms. Art CarChief is swell.

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