Art Car Stipend Request

Due to the challenges of COVID19 restrictions, we have been unable to have our typical fundraising events throughout all of 2020 and for (at least) the first 6 months of 2021. That added to limitations regarding sponsorship funding. This unfortunate reality has had a significantly negative impact on our "Art Car Fuel and Accommodations Stipend Fund".  We are working on raising funds to offer a small token stipend of $100 for art cars that arrive from the typical 200-mile radius. Wish us luck on that quest! 

Note: Art cards and their drivers who are coming from afar will be eligible for a bargain rate at the Super 8 Motel just down the road from the museum. When you make your reservation, mention that you are an art car artist/owner and you will receive a room rate of only $60 dollars a night. This is a NO SMOKING-on-the-premises motel. Pet policy unknown, so please ask when calling. 

Super 8 Motel

1924 Freedom Road, Trinidad, CO 81082




Please Register Your Art Car for 2021 ASAP!!!

Fill out the registration form on this website as soon as possible so we can do our best to pull this 2021 thing together!


Thanks so much! 

Some of you will prefer arranging your own accommodations. There are a number of excellent hotels, motels, and B&Bs in the greater Trinidad area.


Registration Checklist

  1. Complete Registration form and send online.

  2. Include entry fee via Paypal or check mailed

  3. Send email with JPG images of your vehicle (not necessary if you have attended previous events)

  4. Read “ArtoCade Ideals” and initial the related line in the registration form.

  5. Promise to have fun and play well with others.

  6. Think that Mr. Art Carfun is swell.