ArtoCade will be Absolutely Carvelous this year! 

ArtoCade 2021 is HAPPENING! Smaller in scale and different than what we're used to, but still the same kind of wacky fun! Explore the site for more details!

At ArtoCade 2019, there were 100 artfully kooky conveyances arriving from around the nation. Trinidad's historic downtown will be filled with a wondrous array of art cars. With that many parade entries ArtoCade follows only Houston as the second largest art car event in the nation with other long established events in major cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Tulsa, Minneapolis and Chattanooga on the list. That is incredible for little old Trinidad.


“If you canʼt drive it, itʼs a float.”


Cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, tractors, ATVs, golf carts and drivable "sculptures" beyond your wildest imagination will astound and amaze you along with thousands of spectators from near and far. We have art cars & vehicles made by "Kids, Quilters, Christians and Convicts." 

What could possibly be more fun than watching these remarkable creations driving down Main Street? How about making your own art vehicle and driving it in the parade? Just go to the "entry form" tab above and see just how easy it can be to not just spectate but participate!

Circus, Revue, Party, Dance

Please believe us...we 

are just as bummed

as you are! 


We hope that the 

COVID-19 pandemic

will be soon brought

under control, at which

point we can look 

forward to next year!

Thank you all for your

love, understanding,

and patience, as we figure out how to proceed with celebrating this awesome community safely!

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Yes... That's a car!

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ArtoKids & Artie Bus!

Come play with hands-on projects at the "Artie Bus". Make mini-art cars and other art car projects at the corner of Maple and Main Street.

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